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Online data rooms

Thanks to the cooperation between rutland ježek, Czech law firm, and rj consultancy s.r.o. (, we can facilitate the acces to the virtual data room, (VDR) – a highly secured on-line data repository for storage and distribution of secured and confidential documents.


Virtual data room


rj data rooms offer a secure online virtual space for sharing your documents, where you can in comfortable and user-friendly way share various digital documentation with the your business partners or counterparts. Electronic data room is a web based application which supplies its users with comfortable and easy control of the uploaded and shared documents including various options of their maintenance and handling their distribution to the final viewers. The access to the virtual data room is available round the clock, 24/7 all year long; there are no limitations with respect to the number of access permissions, time spent reviewing the shared data or the volume of the downloaded data. Electronic data room is designed to accelerate and streamline the negotiation of the your transactions and projects, while securing high protection of the shared data through strictly controlled access permissions.


rj data rooms offer:


  • Simple and smart document organization
  • Secure interface 24 hours a day
  • Control of access permits
  • User-friendly and searchable library
  • Possibility of sharing documents and data that are impossible to send by email
  • Czech/English language version or in any language as required by the client
  • Very competitive pricing




Virtual data room is the best solution for sharing documents. Uploading and sharing documents with your business partners and/or counterparts can significantly reduce amount of printed documents, which can save your money. It minimizes costs connected with maintenance of your own data room, travel expenses, delivery and courier services. rj data rooms are unique as they enable you to use the data room also in Czech language version.


Key benefits of rj data rooms:


  • Virtual data room accelerates the transaction process and enables to reach the information by maximum number of potential buyers or other business partners
  • Enable the clients to keep track of the access history and the access permissions
  • All documents saved on the virtual data room can be digitally signed in order to prevent unauthorized changes
  • Virtual data room automatically notifies on newly uploaded data, enables immediately to revoke viewer´s access rights and/or to limit the access to certain documents


In the case of specific needs, we are able to provide data room on the servers of the client or on hosted servers, and even under our own domain. We are also able to continue to manage the data room or provide training for its usage.


Due diligence can be provided in several tiers:

  • Initial compilation of documents
  • Checking of data room completeness
  • Full scope due diligence


rj data rooms allow you to make your business more effective, faster and simpler in following areas:

  • Buyer's due diligence
  • Seller's due diligence (financial, legal or technical)
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Preliminary check of documents
  • Tax and account audit