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Insolvency & Restructuring

rutland ježek have substantial experience in providing comprehensive legal services in the area of restructuring and insolvencies, which also includes acting as legal counsel to insolvency trustees, assisting clients in recovering their claims in insolvency proceedings, or reviewing and assessing the restructuring projects of companies on the brink of bankruptcy. The lawyers of rutland ježek have special expertise in providing the following services:


  • representation of creditors, debtors, and insolvency trustees
  • assistance in acquisitions and takeovers of assets as a part of insolvency proceedings
  • assistance in the purchase and sale of receivables vis-à-vis the debtor in insolvency proceedings
  • advice regarding the reorganization and restructuring of companies
  • advice on out-of-court settlements




Online Check Of The Czech Insolvency Register - rj Insolvency Check


We offer the automatic check of the Czech Insolvency Register and monitoring of the legal status of your business partners. Our software forwards information regarding any insolvency proceedings related to the chosen targets, and about any changes in the course of such proceedings, to the designated e-mail addresses. Having been early warned by our system, you can safely manage your receivables and business relationships with Czech debtors and business partners, and minimise any potential loss otherwise resulting from outdated information.

The Czech Insolvency Register is administered by the Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic and contains all information about Czech legal entities and individuals in respect of which an insolvency petition has been filed or any insolvency proceedings are pending. The data in the Czech Insolvency Register are updated on a regular basis. For instance, insolvency proceedings are published within 2 hours of the delivery of a petition for insolvency having been filed.


Necessity to regularly monitor Czech receivables and debtors

The information published in the Czech Insolvency Register has a crucial importance for all entrepreneurs who trade with Czech companies and individuals and have accounts receivable from them, either due or not yet due. A creditor has to register his receivable within a time limit for such registration, which is set out by the court in a ruling on bankruptcy, using a special form for this purpose; otherwise he actually loses his receivable, and usually will not be satisfied within the insolvency proceedings. Such time limit is usually quite short, ranging from 30 days to 2 months. If the creditor does not learn about the insolvency proceedings, he may lose significant financial amounts in a few weeks. It is necessary to register all receivables, regardless of whether due, not yet due or conditional, including those that have already been claimed via courts and those that are enforceable or being enforced by means of exercising a decision or by means of execution.

As a rule, the information that insolvency proceedings have been commenced has an impact on any further trading with Czech companies and individuals. Without such information, further business relationships with a potentially untrustworthy business partner cannot be correctly assessed.

Moreover, the information that an insolvency petition has been filed is also important for Czech entrepreneurs with view to the 15-day time limit for filing an application to declare a moratorium. Any delay in such filing causes an automatic rejection of the application to declare a moratorium.

Also, all court rulings are delivered via the Insolvency Register.

You can obtain detailed information about the Insolvency Act, Insolvency Register and terms and procedures related thereto, from the official Czech judicial website - or; or you can send your questions to or .

5 reasons for ordering rj insolvency check:


  • constant overview of the condition of Czech clients, customers and other business partners;
  • information on any monitored company and/or individual and insolvency proceedings pending is sent to your e-mail address on a daily basis;
  • checks are made using the business name and name, Corporate ID No. (IČ) or birth Reg. No.;
  • immediate legal support in the event that insolvency proceedings are commenced and questions regarding Czech insolvency are raised;
  • low price and saving of time.



A 30-day free-of-charge trial run.

rj insolvency check basic - the monitoring of up to 10 entities for 1 year with 3 imports at no charge: CZK 999 (EUR 40).
rj insolvency check standard - the monitoring of up to 100 entities for 1 year with 6 imports at no charge: CZK 2,999 (EUR 120).
rj insolvency check full - the monitoring of an unlimited number of entities for 1 year with 12 imports at no charge: CZK 5,999 (EUR 240).
Any other import over the agreed number: CZK 199 (EUR 8).
Prices are stated exclusive of VAT (20%).


Contact details

Please send any comments regarding the functioning of the rj insolvency check application to .
The operator of the web application is rj consultancy s.r.o.