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Litigation and Arbitration

rutland ježek provides comprehensive legal services in the area of domestic and international arbitration and civil proceedings. Our litigation practice comprises all aspects of Czech commercial law, from the initial stage of disputes, in which we analyze the facts of the matter and basic legal issues, through dispute planning and litigation strategy, to the actual representation in court or before an arbitration tribunal. Our litigation practice also arranges for preliminary injunctions and initiates and implements debt enforcement. Aside from representation in civil and commercial cases, the lawyers at rutland ježek are also involved in numerous proceedings before regulatory authorities in banking and capital markets, competition, and intellectual property.


Our experience:


  • representing international and Czech clients in all commercial litigation matters (including collection of receivables, liability for damages, etc.) - on liability for damages under Czech law, please see our article HERE
  • representing clients in rental disputes (landlords, tenants)
  • commercial arbitrations in front of the Czech Arbitration Court
  • trademark disputes
  • debt enforcement
  • enforcement of foreign judgements
  • administrative appeals (construction, immigration, environmental matters)
  • personal injury litigation
  • employment litigation
  • tax-related disputes
  • insurance litigation